TVicLPT 1.3

Accesses LPT ports

TVicLPT is a software program integrated with a set of kernel-mode drivers and interface modules such as OCX, VCL component and C++ Class that provides full and easy access to all LPT ports installed on your computer.

This program has many features including access to any LPT related port or any bit of these ports, access to any pin on an LPT connector and easy access to any LPT mode such as SPP, PS/2, EPP, Fast Centronix or ECP.

TVicLPT also allows hardware interrupt handling from an LPT port. It has examples for Delphi, C++ Builder, MSVC and Visual Basic and many other functions.

TVicLPT is a very useful and flexible tool which can be used by programmers, coders and other professionals for their LPT ports access needs.

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